Remembering Papua New Guinea

A celebration Papua New Guinea's rich cultural and environmental tapestry through the reenacted stories and present challenges of a handful of indigenous tribes from the island nation. According to Sacred Ecology in the Pacific Islands, the 'ethnosphere’ and the biosphere are a single integrated whole. 'Remembering Papua New Guinea' aims to show that, by offering a singular vision of the web of life that encompasses nature, wildlife, and people, both past and present, all across the country. This celebration of the island’s unique diversity is ultimately juxtaposed with an exposé, made by Global Witness and producer Alessio Bariviera, on environmental and human rights abuses fueled by demand for raw timber and agricultural commodities.

Director / Director of Photography

Paolo Sodi

Producer / Executive Producer

Alessio Bariviera


Dave Pettitt

Narration Writer:

Alessio Bariviera

Editor / Colorist

Federico Manneschi

Aerial Cinematography

Alessio Bariviera