La Forêt d’Ebo

Ebo is a lush rainforest in southwestern Cameroon, home to up to 25 of what might be the rarest gorilla subspecies – the Ebo gorillas. But it is also representative of an alarming trend all over the world where the rights of indigenous communities are being ignored in favor of short-term, exploitative practices that ultimately harm the well-being of both human and wild species that call these places home.

Director / Director of Photography

Paolo Sodi


Alessio Bariviera

Executive Producers

Angiolo Lavoziano
Alessio Bariviera


Marco Fanciullini

Editor / Colorist

Federico Manneschi


Federico Manneschi
Lorenzo Giacinti

Aerial Cinematography

Alessio Bariviera
Gabriele Coradeschi

Post Production Supervisor

Alessio Bariviera

Scientific Advisors

Bethan Morgan, PhD
Ekwoge Abwe, PhD