Alessio Bariviera

About Me - Biography

Alessio Bariviera is a self-tought naturalist and conservationist with background fieldwork in extreme environments. Over the years he has focused on building a diverse and extensive list of credentials and, as a freelance, has sought balance and an eclectic blend of interests and abilities.

He has produced and filmed with director Paolo Sodi a 60-minute conservation docufiction on Papua New Guinea’s indigenous people, wildlife, and the threats they are up against. He has been collaborating with Banijay Group, the world’s largest independent content creation group for television and multimedia platforms.

Most of his work is international, often in remote environments, as a conservation photojournalist to report on environmental abuse, and as a drone cinematographer to help boost ecotourism. He has worked on assignment for government authorities like Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Works, and for international NGOs like Global Witness and OceansWatch, exposing illegal practices and corruption at the hands of big corporations and weak institutions.

Alessio has undergone jungle survival training with former SAS officers and survival gurus. His extensive expedition and survival background makes him the ideal team member on extremely remote location shoots.

He is a Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society. And, as an Earth Day Ambassador, he has been awarded the Patron of Beauty prize for his conservation efforts.