Alessio Bariviera

About Me - Biography

Alessio Bariviera graduates from AMDA, the Academy of Musical And Dramatic Arts, in Los Angeles in 2014. With an acting talent and a huge love for nature and extreme environments he focuses on building a diverse and extensive list of credentials and, as a freelance, seeks balance and an eclectic blend of interests and abilities.

His acting career kicks off with Beck’s Official Spot for the 2014 Soccer’s World Cup, followed by official commercials and video contests for Eni Racing, Barilla, Gli occhi della speranza, Ferrero TicTac, Gelati Stocchi and Nice.

Produces and films with director Paolo Sodi a 50+ minutes mockumentary of Papua New Guinea’s most iconic indigenous tribes.

Most of his work is international, often in extreme environments, as aerial filmmaker and conservation photojournalists, to report on environmental abuse and corruption. He has worked on assignment for goverment authorities like Papua New Guinea’s Minister for Works and Implementation, and for international NGOs like Global Witness, exposing on ABC Television illegal logging and corruption by logging corporations. His extensive expedition and survival background makes him the ideal team member on extremely remote location shoots.

As an Earth Day Ambassador, Alessio has recently been awarded the Patron of Beauty prize for his efforts towards the planet. He is currently a Creative Consultant for Banijay Group, the world’s largest independent content creation group for television and multimedia platforms.