Alessio Bariviera

About Me - Biography

Alessio is a fellow of The Explorers Club and The Royal Geographical Society and produces conservation documentary films and campaigns in challenging environments.

In January 2019, his first documentary film, 'Remembering Papua New Guinea', was taken by Off The Fence B.V. for global distribution. In the same year, he kicked off his second feature-length project with the Last Great Ape Organization and the Tikki Hywood Foundation. 'Blood Scales' is a highly cinematic film on the people leading the fight in Cameroon to save pangolins, the world's most trafficked mammal - and won Best Foreign Film at its international premiere at Wildlife Conservation Film Festival. In 2021 he produced the 'Ebo Is Our Home' campaign for WildAid and San Diego Zoo Wildlife Alliance and the short 'La Forêt d'Ebo,' making a case for lasting protection of this unique ecosystem and the world's rarest gorilla subspecies that inhabits it. La Forêt d'Ebo won Best Short at its world premiere at Cameroon International Film Festival.

Through Winter 2020 and Summer 2021, he works with the Oscar-winning producers at Off the Fence to make a 90-minute documentary film and global impact campaign in partnership with the Vatican. 'Laudato Si' is a visually stunning tribute to the planet's beauty and an urgent call to action in response to Pope Francis' landmark encyclical on the environment. Also, for Off The Fence, he works on the feature film "Going Circular," which unlocks the secrets to an innovative economic system called circularity that eliminates waste and saves the planet's resources.

Lately, Alessio has been producing 'Path of the Bear' for US-based Wildlife Media, a short-film project co-funded by The European Nature Trust and hosted by Chris Morgan Wildlife to help further the protection and conservation of the Marsican brown bear.